Adjust an Easy Fit Saddle for the Rider

Easy Fit saddles can be personally adjusted to you the rider. First, remove the screws on the front of the saddle jockeys so you can lift up the saddle seat to access the adjustable shims and fender/stirrup straps. If your saddle seat length is short you may have to remove the screws on the back of the jockeys as well in order to move the seat shims.

Remember that you can adjust both the seat and fenders, so you will have to play with the 2 components to find the perfect combination.

Sitting in your saddle on a saddle stand will not feel the same as sitting in your saddle on your horse. You have to fit it on your horse.

The Balanced Rider

Stand on the ground with your feet shoulder width or more apart. Bend your knees and then go up and down as if you were posting. Note the alignment & angles of all of your shock absorbers: heel, knees, hips, back, shoulders. This is the position of a balanced ride. When in your saddle you should be able to post just as easily.

That being said, there may be times, such as when you are participating in a fast-paced activity with quick stops and turns, when you want your feet a little more out in front of you, and that’s okay. But we encourage you to try the balanced position for your other activities; your body will appreciate it!

Fenders/Stirrups adjustment

The fenders are held in place with industrial strength, unbroken loop (UBL), generally known as Velcro. (The UBL we use is rated at 1000 which means it can be pulled apart a minimum of 1000 times before it will start to break down.)  A 4” wide strip of loop is attached to the tree and a corresponding 2” wide strip of hook is attached to the adjusting strap. This allows a variance of a 3” placement of the fenders/stirrups.

Note that there is a line of stitching which marks the top center line of the stirrup straps. Whenever you move your stirrups forward or back, ensure that you place this stitching line in the center of your saddle.

To re-position the fenders, find the tab under the strap where the UBL is attached and wrapped little ways under the tree. Lift the tab and pull up. Do this on both sides.

Try riding with the UBL in different positions to see how it feels. If you are falling forward try moving the fenders/stirrups forward. Can you post and balance easily like you did on the ground? Ask someone to observe the alignment of your heel, hip, and shoulder. 

Seat Adjustment

Easy Fit saddle shims are made of open cell foam which provides a great combination of comfort and support; they are not hard or subject to freezing.

The shims can be adjusted forward or back under the saddle seat to give you a balanced position. Wider or narrower shims affect the twist of the saddle. (When viewed from above, the twist is the narrowest part of the saddle behind the pommel).

Moving the shim forward allows your seat bones to be in more of a pocket. Your pelvis will tip slightly backward. Moving the shim into the back of the seat will cause your pelvis to tip forward. Everyone is shaped differently so you have to find the position that most suits you. If you are feeling like you are being tipped forward, try moving the shim forward. It will take a little trial and error to find what is comfortable for you. Can you post and balance easily like you did on the ground? Ask someone to observe the alignment of your heel, hip, and shoulder.

We have found that virtually all women prefer the narrower shim. It just has to do with the way women are built. (See our “Built for Women” section). With men, the choice of narrow versus wide twist is not as clear so men should try riding with both and see which they prefer.

Particularly small women or women with hip problems can try a slightly thicker shim which will lift their pelvis enough to make the twist feel narrower.

Test Ride

When you get to the point of feeling like you have everything fitting right, try heading out for a little trail ride, stopping to make changes if necessary. If you have been riding in another saddle for years it may take awhile to get used to the different feel. Once you get balanced, you’re going to love it!

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